Country News Publishing is a sub publishing company to any local American music publishing company. CNP is associated with STIM/n©b for mechanical, performing & broadcasting royalties. Our songwriters recieve most of the royalties. CNP keeps only 5-10% of the mechanical royalty to cover our expences. Other sub publishing companies may charge as much as 33%!

Our songwriters: Dale Watson, Becky Hobbs, Mark Moseley, Thomas Lagerström, Mike Headrick, Joni Harms, Chester Lester, Staffan Öberg etc.

Our Catalogues: Becca's Mecca Music (BMI), Beckaroo Music (BMI), Sand Mountain Music (BMI), My Three Kids Music (BMI)

Because of the difficulty in "selling" countrymusic to the Swedish artists, we're concentrating in collecting royalty from radio, TV, stages etc, instead of working active with the fieldcatalogs. Therefor we can forward as much as possible of the income to the songwriters!


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